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Let your style Bloom!

Do have a wardrobe full clothes you don't wear? How about not enough clothes in your closet?  These are two common complaints I hear regularly. The reason for this always boils down two things. Women either don't know what styles, fabrics and colors work best on them, and/or they don't have the time or interest to shop for what does. What's worse, your current wardrobe may be giving people the wrong impression of you.

What does your image say?

Studies show that within 30 seconds of meeting someone we decide things as important as a person's trustworthiness, income level, education, abilities and much more.  So your image is important! It used to be that only wealthy celebrities had access to an "Image Consultant" or "Personal Stylist", but that just isn't the case anymore. How much money have you wasted on clothes that just sit in your closet, and how much time have you spent frustrated that you have nothing to wear?

How easy is it to change your image?

In one visit with an Image Consultant, you can change your professional and personal image. Think of all the money, time and frustration you save yourself by investing a little time and money to learn lifelong lessons to change or just polish your image.

With a color and figure analysis, and wardrobe consultation, you can make easy changes that translate into big results. Need someone to go shopping with you, or even shop for you? An image consultant has that covered too. Anything you need help with to improve how you look is now available to you.

The personal and corporate needs of my clients are met with sensitivity and an emphasis of individuality. My personalized approach ensures the utmost discretion and comfort, and focuses on making lasting lifestyle changes as opposed to quick fixes; however, fast and efficient emergency intervention is always an option for our clients who find themselves in a bind.

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